tummy-honey-stretch-marks-cream.jpg Tummy Honey stretch mark solutions is a product line of Mother's Intuition, Inc. The product line is the winner of iParenting Media Award for Excellence. The products are sold in 40 states and 5 countries.

Skin Care Line Highlights
a. The Tummy Honey solutions comes in 2 parts, one to focus on prevention and the other to help reduce already existing stretch marks.
b. Tummy Honey fading cream helps prevent stretch marks caused by body building, pregnancy and abnormal weight loss and weight gain.
b. Tummy Honey Butter helps prevent stretch marks.
c. The stretch marks are removed by rebuilding the collagen matrix of the skin.
d. Its properties of minimizing inflammation and fastening wound healing, reduces scarring also. Scarring out of, surgery, biopsies, or any other reason can also be eliminated.
e. Its fading cream has a natural plant extract called Darutoside, that is clinically proven, to prevent, fade stretch marks by 50-70%.
f. The product line is all-natural contains no artificial preservatives.
g. Celebrities including Carrie Wilson and Gwyneth Paltrow have supposedly purchased Tummy Honey products.
h. The Tummy Honey active fading cream is priced at $24.89 and the Tummy Honey active fading butter is priced at $19.89. One can buy the Tummy Honey products at drugstore.com