air-brush-tanning.jpg For those who want to avoid the harmful effects of UV-light, but wish the look tan, sunless tanning is recommended by dermatologists. The number of people opting for sunless tanning is on rise and more people are choosing sunless tanning to avoid the health dangers of regular tanning. Air-brushing has emerged as popular alternative to tanning. Customers are preferring air-brush tanning because of immediate results and health risks associated with exposure to sun. Moreover air-brushing goes well with people of all skin types. "Air-brush" tans dye the outer two layers of skin with DHA (dihydroxyacetone), and thus use no skin-harming UVA or UVB rays. At Sun-Sation, the average air-brush tan takes 5-6 minutes, costs $25, and lasts up to 6 days. The FDA recommended asking the spray-on tanning salon the following questions:

· Will my eyes and the area surrounding them be protected?
· Will my nose, mouth and ears be protected?
· Will I be protected from inhaling the tanning spray through my nose or mouth?

According to Dermatologists sunless tanning products are safe.

Photo Source: Norwich Bulletin file photo