Brian Manookian, owner of Hendersonville, Tenn.-based Melanocorp, Inc., has received a letter of warning from the Food and Drug Administration of the USA. This letter was issued as the company was indulging in the illegal sale and marketing of Melanotan II, which is not approved by the FDA, on their website.

Major Risks
a. Melanocorp, Inc. was selling their product Melanotan II on their company website.
b. This product is not approved by the FDA.
c. The FDA has asked consumers to stop using this product immediately.
d. Consumers have also been advised to consult their physician if they were using this product.
e. The company has been charged with mislabeling the product and marketing and selling it as anti cancer and anti-rosacea product.
f. This product is also being sold as an injectible tanning agent.
g. The Melanocorp website has been disabled.