hydration-station.jpg The tanning industry is developing at a tremendous rate. To offset the adverse effects of tanning in the sun, more companies are now coming out with sunless tanning devices. Now there is an innovative and revolutionary tanning device that promises a darker and richer tan while hydrating the skin and making it look radiantly beautiful. Hydration Station does just this. Built for the tanning service providers, This product is sure to take the market by storm.

Product features
a. This is a sunless tanning device.
b. This device helps people get a rich and natural looking tan.
c. It results in a longer lasting tan.
d. It is suitable for all skin types and age groups.
e. It moisturizes the tanned skin and accelerates UV and sunless tanning results.
f. It protects the skin from the adverse effects of tanning.
g. This device incorporates the Hydrofusion technology.
h. It is a combination of radiant heat and steam, LED color technology, a liquid vitamin shower and a vibratory bed in an advanced capsule.
i. It results in a deep, dark tan and makes the skin soft and radiant.