infinity-sun-sunless-tanning.jpg Infinity Sun has come out with, first of its kind “Anti-aging sunless tanning technology”. It is made of pure botanicals and anti-oxidants. It gives the appearance of natural golden brown glowing skin. The company claims that its patent pending High volume low pressure spray with an adjustable fine mist spray gun technology is an industry first.

Product Review
a. The infinity Sun is applied with a proprietary spray system and is performed by a sunless tanning professional.
b. The procedure is completed in just 3 minutes and the results last for 2 weeks.
c. The tan results can be extended for 2-3 days with an Extender with shimmer.
d. There are also vanilla aromatherapy and alcohol free sunless tanning aerosol that can be used on areas like face, feet and hands to maintain the results.
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f. The company claims that young celebrity stars such Paris Hilton and Jessica Alba have tried out its sunless tanning technology.
g. The Infinity Sun – Sunless tanning technology is currently available at the Jose Eber in Beverly Hills, CA
h. The company offers to deliver the unique sunless tanning technology in a portable spraygun technology and also in an Infinity theater.