jimmy-coco-blast.jpg Getting a fake tan has become quite popular nowadays. In fact, in the United sales of self-tanners surpassed $200 million in 2008. And the figures are expected to rise. Now, thanks to Jimmy Coco, who runs a Los Angeles-based tanning business, getting a self tan is no longer a dream and is affordable. He has come out with a range of self tanning products. Celebs who use Jimmy Coco's services and products are Eva Longoria, Megan Fox, the Pussycat Dolls, Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum and Miranda Kerr.

Product Highlights
a. The line offers sunless tanners, tan enhancers and sunscreen.
b. It gives the skin a healthy glow.
c. These products can be ether applied at home or if one is in the Los Angeles area a pro can visit residences and offices to spray you there.
d. One can easily order the spray online.
e. One can highlight existing color or deepen the bronze for a day out.

Highlights of the products
a. Jimmy Jimmy Coco Buff, which smells like coco, mango and pineapple, exfoliates the body.
b. Jimmy Jimmy Coco Boom provides daily moisturizing to maintain the spray tan.
c. Jimmy Jimmy Coco Blast is a sunless tanner that gives a beautiful brown color.
d. Jimmy Jimmy Coco Burst is a body wash meant to be used with sunless tans.
e. Jimmy Jimmy Coco Bam helps in extending the tan.
f. Jimmy Jimmy Coco Bling highlights the new color as there are small flecks of gold in the lotion base.
g. Jimmy Jimmy Coco Bronze is a shower-off tan, a body bronzer.
h. Jimmy Jimmy Coco Block is an SPF 30 spray-on sunscreen.
i. Jimmy Jimmy Coco Boost is a bronzer and a sunless tanner in a spray.

Things to know about sunless tanning
a. Sunless tanning is safer for the skin than lounging in the sun or baking in a tanning bed.
b. However, people with asthma or respiratory infections should keep away from it.
c. For home tanning, one should be careful not to put the self-tanner too close to their eyes as it can give them conjunctivitis.

$350 per spray-tan session at a client's home