The strong smell of all self tans is difficult to hide. But now, thanks to CPL Aromas in Bishop's Stortford, UK, the strong smell of self-tanning lotions can now be chemically neutralized. CPL Alroma’s Tim Whiteley and colleagues developed the Aromaguard technology, launched last week in St Tropez self-tan products, which makes this possible.

Research Highlights
a. This was done with the use of established techniques called headspace and thermal desorption analysis.
b. Researchers have managed to capture odor molecules from the air as self tan was applied to various skin types.
c. 250 to 300 different molecules were identified.
d. Some smelly ones, including sulphur dioxide, were specific to the reaction between collagen and the chemical dihydroxyacetone (DHA), an active ingredient in fake tan.
e. It was seen that male skin generated the most smell.
f. Chemicals suspected of reacting with the smelly molecules to produce larger molecules that could no longer be smelled or a different shape that would be perceived differently by the nose were also tested.
g. When researchers reduced sulphur dioxide 12-fold and several other smelly molecules by a significant amount, professional sniffers reported a 70 per cent reduction in their perception of the unpleasant smell on users' skin.

Highlights of Aromaguard
a. Aromaguard banishes the smell of self tan lotions and replaces it with a subtle fragrance.
b. This fragrance works in harmony with the skin and leaves a soft, subtle scent.
c. The fragrance has hints of iris, fresh fruits and violets.
d. Aromaguard fragrance technology is used in new look St Tropez, Self Tan and Everyday products. To buy the products click here