sundara-sunless-tanning-new-york.jpg It has been proved that the sun can definitely take a toll on healthy skin. Health experts have been warning people about the dangers of ultra violet rays. It can cause wrinkles, premature aging and even cancer. Hence the sunless tan offered by spas and salons gained in popularity. However, these procedures can go horribly wrong and give one an artificial look. Such salons often overlook the skin types of customers. But the Sundara Sunless Tanning Salon is different. They have a structured and customized approach to each customer and the results are a healthy, smooth skin with a perfect tan.

a. This salon is equipped with custom made drying booths, high-power fans and lights to aid the tanning process.
b. There are trained technicians to advice clients about any skin issues, allergies and also help determine the desired skin tone.
c. The tanning formula is customized to suit individual requirements.
d. The tanning formula is sprayed twice on the body and then left to dry.
e. The result is an incredibly natural tanned look.
f. One session costs $65, two sessions cost $100 and five sessions cost $200.
g. A customer can avail of a 15 per cent discount if they are first timers.