If the endeavors of a Melbourne biotech company, Clinuvel, is successful, very soon a pill that gives a skin tan and fights skin cancer could be available in the market. This company is currently researching the efficacy of the drug CUV1647 to fight skin cancer. If they succeed medical regulators may license the compound. To sign up as a volunteer for the clinical trials click here

Highlights of the pill
a. Trials are on to determine the tanning properties of this pill.
b. It will also determine if it provides protection to transplant patients who are at risk of contracting skin cancer.
c. This pill is the size of a grain of rice.
d. When it is placed under the skin, it stimulates the body to produce more melanin, which is turn produces sun-blocking tan from the inside out.
e. The effects of the pill last for about two months.
f. This pill could be available within 2 years.

Highlights of the trial
a. It will be conducted on 150 kidney and heart transplant patients from Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Europe.
b. They will be given CUV1647 for the next two years in two-monthly doses.
c. Since fair-skinned organ transplant patients are more at risk from skin cancer, they will be given the drug every day.