alex-tri-vantage-laser-pumped-laser-technology.jpg Unwanted tattoos can be a pain. It is not easy to remove them. Though there are lasers to remove tattoos, these are usually effective only in tattoos that are of a darker shade. Moreover, there is also the risk of scarring. But now, with Candela's new AlexTriVantage laser, all these disadvantages are negated.

Procedure Highlights
a. This is a new type of laser for the removal of tattoos.
b. Its greatest advantage is that it can remove tattoos of all colors.
c. The number of treatments needed is also reduced with this laser.
d. There is comparatively less scarring.
e. It enhances the surgeon's ability to fully remove the tattoo.
f. There is hardly any swelling.
g. There is no blistering or bleeding.
h. About 4 to 10 treatments are enough to completely remove a tattoo.
i. Cost varies according to the number of treatments and size of tattoos.