According to warnings issued by physicians, the tattoo removal cream tattoo2go does not really work. This cream is not only expensive at £200.00 for 6 months but also useless, says the warning. According to doctors, no cream can ever erase a permanent tattoo. However, this cream claims extraordinary results in about 6 months time.

Highlights of the tattoo2go claims
a. It claims to have successfully tested the cream on volunteers.
b. Apparently, 95 per cent of volunteers experienced either total or almost total removal of their tattoos.
c. The company promises a full refund after six months if customers are unhappy with the results.
d. The manufacturers claim many years experience in dermatology and over 10 years of research behind the product.
e. The cream causes the pigment in the tattoo to gradually break down over time.
f. There are no side effects.
g. It is a painless way of tattoo removal.
h. It is supposed to be used at home twice a day for best results.
i. However, lips, eyes and wounds should be avoided.