magic-home-tattoo-removal-system.jpg The Magic wand Home Tattoo removal system ™ has a patented heating element designed just for tattoo removal. The kit includes the Magic wand, ink removing Magic wand cream, heat dissipating wax paper and bandages.

Magic wand can remove an average tattoo in about 4 weeks and the procedure is shown below:

a. Place a piece of Magic Wand wax paper over the tattoo.
b. Apply the heating element against the paper with moderate pressure.
c. The magic wand should be placed on the tattoo and heat should be applied for 5 minutes continuously, without removing the magic wand.
d. After 5 minutes the Magic wand and the wax paper should be removed.
e. The treated area should not be rinsed with Ice or cold water.
f. Then the Magic Wand cream should be applied immediately over the treated area that had the tattoo.
g. Bandage the area with Magic Wand Wrap.

The scabs due to heating get healed in about 30 days, during which time the tattoo also disappears. The Magic Wand Home Tattoo Removal System is sold exclusively by GreatInventions.TV for $59.99