medlite-c6-laser-tattoo-removal.jpg For many people, yesterday's prized tattoo can be an embarrassment today. Though there are procedures in the market that can remove tattoos, most of them are painful and carries with it the risk of permanent tissue damage and scarring. Now, thankfully, HOYA ConBio has developed a new laser procedure Medlite c6 laser technology that can effective remove dark ink marks used in tattoos without the associated pain and risks.

Laser Highlights
a. This is a high energy pulsed laser procedure.
b. Its combination of long wavelength, short pulse duration and high peak power makes it the ideal procedure to remove dark blue, red, green, sky blue and black tattoos.
c. It is less painful and gentler than other laser procedures to remove tattoos.
d. It results in hardly any scarring.
e. It has the ability to penetrate the skin without breaking it.
f. It has a very low risk of permanent tissue damage.

a. Around 6 to 8 treatments are enough to remove professional tattoos.
b. Around 4 to 5 treatments are enough to remove amateur tattoos.

a. It can lead to temporary swelling and irritation.
b. Some people might require the administration of anesthesia creams.
c. There might be mild pinpoint bleeding in some cases.