TattooStar-R-tattoo-removal-laser.jpg The renowned provider of aesthetic medicine products, MedSurge Advances, has introduced the German laser system, called TattooStar R™, into the US market. Spas and
clinics can use this technology to offer the most advanced tattoo removal procedure to the patients, for superior results. The new technology is approved by FDA.

Laser Features
a. It is Q-switched ruby lasers that deliver higher level of beam homogeneity, gives excellent results.
b. It is safe and works fast and does not harm the adjacent tissue.
c. Compared to existing procedures, it is cost effective and doctors can add this technology into their practice, easily.
d. Also eliminates undesirable skin pigmented lesions, age spots etc.
e. To see the before and after photos of TattooStar R™, tattoo removal laser contact