Tattoos can be a pain once a person outgrows them. Unfortunately, its removal is not that easy and often involves a series of painful treatments. Also, the inks used in tattoos often contain harmful metals and chemicals which cause allergic reactions on some people. Now, researchers at Harvard Medical School , Brown University, and Duke University have developed a new ink that is not only natural but also non-allergic and easily removable.

Highlights of the new inks
a. These inks are made from tiny microcapsules of natural pigments.
b. These inks are safer than traditional inks.
c. Despite being permanent these inks can be easily removed.
d. A single laser treatment is enough for the removal of these inks.
e. These inks may reduce allergic reactions and other associated health problems associated with tattoos.
f. It contains polymer polymethyl methacrylate, a transparent plastic that is nontoxic to human tissue.
g. Each microcapsule contains a tiny energy-absorbing target that reacts to laser light.
h. The commercial form of these inks is made available by Freedom-2