tattoo-piercings-regulations.jpg The Department of Public Health and Human Services has conducted a hearing on proposed legislation on tattooing. The body piercing industry has however opposed the proposed stringent regulations. Regulations governing tattoo establishments have been pending for many years. Ruth Piccone, program manager for the body art department, has prepared a draft for the proposed regulations.

New Regulations
a. The tattooing businesses need to purchase licenses for $235, which has to be renewed every year.
b. To qualify for these licenses, body piercing professionals and tattoo artists must attend annual training on subjects like Control of blood pathogens, pass regular health inspections and many other safety regulations.
c. Officials of DPHHS, are supposed to inspect the licensed businesses at least once a year, who have legitimate power to cancel the licenses if they are not complying with requirements.
d. The tattoo piercing regulations are likely to be enforced early next year.