permanent-makeupTemporary makeup called micropigmentation is an emerging new trend which lessens the need to apply makeup to the face regularly. For a permanent lip makeup, the procedure to apply temporary makeup involves, scratching the surface of the lips with a tiny brush tipped with needles for an hour. It is painless. But there would be mild swelling and appears like one has gotten collagen implants. The swelling would remain for a week. Eating salty food would fade away the color. And after undergoing this procedure eating potato chips should be avoided for week to facilitate healing. And it is safe as the rprocedure uses dyes that are stable and do not change chemically under the skin.

Major Benefits
a. Permanent make-up is beneficial for women who suffer from Parkinson's disease, who find is hard to apply makeup as their hands shake.
b. For women undergoing re constructive surgery, permanent make up can put natural colors to the prosthetic areoles.
c. The FDA has received complaints from people who had reactions from the dye's used, but there has never been any concern about safety.
e. With time, the permanent makeup can fade away.