pahrrell-williams-tattoo-removal.jpg Rapper and hip hop producer, Pharrell Williams, is all set to try out a new tattoo removal procedure developed by the Wake Forest Institute in North Carolina for Regenerative Skin Treatment. Tattoo removal is a painful procedure and its efficacy often depends on the nature of the ink used. This new invasive procedure that is said to be very effective and a better alternative to existing procedures.

Highlights of the new procedure
a. This is an invasive procedure that requires skin grafting.
b. The patient has to give a sample of his skin.
c. This skin is then replicated in a laboratory.
d. Once this is done, the new skin is stitched over the tattooed one.
e. It does not leave any scars.
f. Once the skin is healed, new tattoos can be done on it.
g. This is a faster and less painful alternative.

Though the exact price is not known, it is said to be an expensive treatment.