laser-tattoo-removal-a.jpg As time changes, fashion sense also changes. Tattoos that were once proudly displayed often outlive their aesthetic sensibility. This is when the problem starts. It is not easy to get rid of permanent tattoos from the skin. But advances in technology has shown a way out. Though there are many procedures available in the market, the use of laser to remove tattoos is the best.

Procedure Highlights
a. Laser beam pulses are used to break up the colors in the skin.
b. It stimulates the body to attack the tattooed colors.
c. This causes the dye to fade away in a similar process as when white blood cells attack an illness.
d. The laser is used in such a manner that it does not hurt the skin in any way.
e. It can either be sued as an intense beam or as a steady light or pulse.
f. Different modes are used for different colors.
g. There is hardly any recuperation time.
h. It allows tattoo from any part of the body to be removed.
i. Even permanent tattoos can be removed through this procedure.
j. It can be used on people of different skin color.
k. It is safe for people with sensitive skin.

a. Possible side effects are redness of skin, irritation, mild scabbing, swelling, loss of sensation and light bleeding.
b. Some patients might experience a discoloration of skin if the laser that is used is old or unapproved.

What to avoid
a. One should not opt for skin grafting to remove tattoo as the recuperation time is longer and it carries a higher risk of skin infection.
b. Micro laser peel is another procedure that should be avoided.