According to John Stuart Nelson Medical Director at the Beckman Laser Institute of the University of California, Irvine, US, laser surgeons can turn eco-friendly by using a carbon-dioxide spray instead of the volatile liquid tetrafluoroethane to reduce the temperature of the skin during laser tattoo removal. Tetrafluoroethane, a greenhouse gas, is more potent than carbon dioxide. This green skin cooling technique is said to be a better and more effective alternative to Tetrafluoroethane.

Highlights of the green skin cooling
a. This is a non-toxic procedure.
b. This involves the storing of liquid CO2 under pressure.
c. This is then spray onto the area of skin that is undergoing laser treatment.
d. The spray consists of a very fine mist of solid CO2 particles or dry ice.
e. This cools the skin before turning into gas.