Being naturally beautiful is no longer the 'in' thing. Besides going in for surgery, people today try out different alternatives to look good. In this quest for perfection, some people have found a solution in permanent beauty treatments. This procedure can give women well shaped eyebrows, luscious lips, beautiful eye shadows, permanent eye lashes and so on. Permanent make up saves women the time in applying make-up every day.

Major Benefits
a. Any person or firm offering this kind of treatment has to have a tattoo-artist license.
b. The procedure can be either manual or digital.
c. After applying a numbing agent, artists use ink on the patient's skin.
d. Some artists use ink made of iron oxide and some others use organic based inks.
e. The effect has to be very subtle.
f. The end result has to be a natural look.
g. The effect wears off after a couple of years.
h. A lip treatment usually takes about 45 minutes and costs between $375 to $450.
i. For an eye lash job, the cost comes to about $300 and it takes three hours for the entire procedure.
k. Permanent makeup is not only used to beautify skin but also correct problematic areas of skin. For example some women who have white spots due to pigmentation can be corrected by permanent makeup. Women who have had botched up breast reconstruction can use permanent makeup to correct the areola and women who have lost hair due to cancer treatments can undergo permanent make up to fix eyebrows and darker eyelashes.

Photo Source: MARK WALLHEISER /Democrat