With the holiday season around the corner, there will be many air travelers spending long hours in flights, for the sake of air-travelers, Ames Walker.com has developed a podcast of upper body and leg exercises to help prevent formation of blood clots during long air travel. Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is a blood clot formed between ankle and upper calf. This is the result of sitting for lengthy period of time. It has symptoms like swelling of legs, cramp in the calf and dull ache. For these people the audio podcast is of great help, consisting tips and measures to avert the problem.

Podcast Overview
a. You can listen to the Podcast here - Click here
b. It gives the stretching exercises, for in-flight travelers to lower risk of developing blood clot (DVT).
c. Podcast is found at iTunes and podcast.net. It is also available for placement on travel and health related media sites, as a public service, by Ames Walker.com.
d. For more information on this browse www.economyclasssyndrome.net