A new procedure called LADS (Laser Assisted Distal Stripping) has been introduced by the Miami Vein Center to get rid of varicose veins..

Procedure Features
a. The technique combines ablation of the proximal thigh Great saphenous vein (GSV) using endovenous laser treatment (EVLT).
b. EVLT works by heating the inside of the malfunctioning GSV at the point where it meets the SASV by guiding a very thin fiber laser through an endovenous sheath. This seals the vein in a painless manner.
c. At the point where veins are sutured to existing endovenous sheath, the distal superficial accessory saphenous vein (SASV) is removed, with procedure named invagination stripping.
d. The LADS technique is easy and simple procedure with good cosmetic results.
e. LADS technique help patients to get back youthful look of their legs.
f. It is non invasive, painless procedure with shorter recovery.