laser-treatment-for-spider-veins.jpg People suffering from spider veins bear psychological burden due to its ugly appearance. Spider veins are noticable to the human eye and make embarassing situations when people comment on it. Prolonged standing, hormonal changes, obesity and pregnancy are the main causes of spider veins. Laser is one of the popular options available to eliminate spider veins.

Procedure Highlights

a. The procedure involves a laser which is directed into veins. The absorbed light heats the hemoglobin and veins, making it to collapse.
b. The treatment is non-invasive and works for most of the patients.
c. Laser treatment require 3-4 sessions each at 3-months intervals.
d. Each session lasts for about 15-20 minutes.
e. Laser therapy is superior to sclerotherapy to eliminate spider veins.
f. Each laser treatment session costs from $150 to $500.
g. There is no insurance coverage to this procedure, because it is considered as a cosmetic procedure.