varicose-vein-treatment.jpgRadio-Frequency ablation is a new, minimally invasive treatment for varicose veins. Venous reflux, is the root cause of varicose veins. So far the only treatment used to treat varicose veins is called Phlebectomy. Radio-frequency ablation is an outpatient treatment developed to treat superficial venous reflux, in which a small hollow tube and radiofrequency energy are used to obstruct, the saphenous vein. The physician makes a single small incision near the knee and inserts the narrow tube into the saphenous vein. The tube is then positioned near the groin, energized and slowly withdrawn, sealing the vein shut. There are no stitches, and most patients return to normal activity within a day or two.

The patients who have undergone the Radio-frequency ablation procedure have experienced less post-operative pain, and returned to normal faster than patients whose veins were surgically stripped. The Radio-frequency varicose vein treatment has treated 75,000 patients till date. The procedure is also covered by many health insurances. Minor complications involved with this procedure are numbness, skin burns, blood clots and temporary tenderness in the treated limb.