varicose-veins-spider-veins-treatment.jpg There are many treatments to cure varicose veins and spider veins, most of the treatments are non invasive and can offer a painless solution to cure varicose veins and spider veins. The recovery ttime from the procedures is usually a couple of days.

Treatment Highlights

a. Sclerotherapy is the procedure where a hardening solution is injected to the scar to make it fade away. The procedure is a painless solution to cure spider veins.
b. By using Laser therapy the veins can be disappeared, without the use of needles or incisions.
c. Surgical vein removal involves making minor incisions for vein removal.
d. For severe form of varicose veins the Catheter procedure is regularly used. The procedure involves sending laser energy through small tubes to close the veins without much trauma.
e. Phlebectomy procedure involves making small skin punctures to remove the veins and recovery time is usually less than a day.
f. Endoscopic surgery is used for most severe cases of varicose and spider veins. The procedure involves sending an endocope into the veins and removing the veins by making small incisions. Recovery time takes upto a week.