Duct tapes were seen as an effective treatment for eliminating warts. However a study has shown that, compared to cryotherapy, duct tapes are no good. Besides, it can lead to adverse reactions like skin irritation. A test was conducted on three primary schools in Maastritch, Netherlands, on 103 children with warts. Duct tape was put on the wart and a corn pad was put around the wart for 1 night per week. Both these treatments were continued for 6 weeks. It was seen that 16 per cent of children with the duct tape experienced the disappearance of their warts as compared to 6 per cent of those who got the placebo treatment. However, children who got the duct tape treatment reported erythema, eczema and wounds.

Treatment highlights
a. According to a 2002 study, duct tape was stated to be effective when used to treat warts.
b. The tape is left on the skin for about 6 days.
c. It creates an immune reaction to clear infections that cause warts.
d. It was supposed to be more effective than the traditional cryotherapy or freezing.
e. Critics are doubtful about the efficacy of this method.
f. It is supposed to be more effective in children.