People suffering from warts have been suffering for a long time without any proven and effective cure for their condition. Many have resorted to traditional and medieval remedies to get rid of wards. Even doctors prescribe these remedies which are downright wierd.

Unconventional remedies to get rid of warts
a. Some use banana peel and tape it ( dry side up ) on the wart.
b. Duct tape plaster is a favorite among laymen as well as doctors.
c. Research has shown that repeated applications of a compound made from breast milk was effective in getting rid of warts
d. One practitioner recommends rubbing the wart with a cut potato, then burying the potato at midnight.
d. Some have seen beneficial results by applying vitamin A, vitamin C, tea tree oil or castor oil on warts.
e. Some people swear by the efficacy of these solutions.
f. However, experts warn that these methods may work for some and may be totally ineffective on others.
g. One advantage of these methods is that they do not have any side effects.
h. They do not cause infections and scars.
i. They are not as painful as invasive medical procedures.

Wart facts
a. Children are more prone to suffer from warts than adults.
b. They are more prone to warts that grow on the fingers or face and have the tendency to become ugly clusters.
c. Teenagers and young adults are more prone to plantar warts that affect the soles of the feet.
d. At times, some doctors also use liquid nitrogen to zap away the warts.
e. Formalin is also used for getting rid of plantar warts.
f. Flat warts affect people of all ages.
g. Most warts vanish by themselves within about two years even without any treatment.