anti-wrinkle-pizza.jpg A pizza that can supposedly reverse the aging process has created a stir in Italy. The formula for this pizza was developed by a University of Naples nutritionist, Eugenio Luigi Iorio, and the owner of La Fabbrica dei Sapori restaurant, Cosimo Mogavero. But this pizza has created a controversy of sorts with many people criticizing it as a desecration of the national dish. Even the True Neapolitan Pizza Association has spoken out against it by saying that the wholemeal flour prevents the characteristic crust from forming.

Highlights of the anti-aging pizza
a. The "primula" pizza contains 3 times more fibre than a classic pizza.
b. It also contains a higher content of magnesium and iron.
c. It is made with wholemeal flour.
d. It contains ingredients like tomatoes, rocket, garlic, courgettes, basil, mushrooms, carrots and spinach.
e. The ingredients used in this pizza have antioxidant properties that reverses the aging process.

Pizza Secrets behind keeping wrinkles at bay
a. If the skin is stretched little by little over the years, it becomes tighter.
b. This gives the face a fresh, youthful look.
c. For the skin to be thus stretched, one has to gain a little weight consistently over the years.
d. This also keeps wrinkles at bay.