Water is the healthiest drink. This is vouched by health experts around the world. However, drinking water straight from a bottle might lead to cosmetic problems. D.C. dermatologist Dr. Marilyn Berzin says that smoker's lips or wrinkles around the lips, which is common among long term smokers, is a common complaint among women who tend to drink from a bottle instead of using a glass. He came to this conclusion after noticing that many women who had never smoked had visible smoker's lips.

Highlights of water bottles and smoker's lips
a. Drinking water straight from a bottle entails making a face or distorting the lips area which is similar to smoking a cigarette.
b. When this is done over a period of time, it causes permanent lines.
c. Drinking from water bottles with either sport or straw tops or nozzles for about two years can also cause smoker's lips.
d. Even people in the 30s exhibit these lines and wrinkles.
e. However, it can be avoided if one uses wide-mouthed bottles or cups as this allows the upper lip to stay relaxed while drinking.