Woodbridge Labs Inc. in California has recalled DermaFreeze365 Instant Line Relaxing Formula with the UPC codes 05923-36501-6 and 6-05923-36502-3 and DermaFreeze365 Neck and Chest cream with the UPC code 6-05923-36503-0 from the US and Canadian market. This step was taken after tested samples were found to contain harmful bacteria which can adversely affect people and lead to serious infection and even blindness.

Risk of the contaminated products
a. These products are from Woodbridge Labs Inc.
b. These products tested positive for Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria.
c. The bacteria thrives in pure water.
d. It takes on a pearlescent form in various pigments.
e. It has a grape-like odor.
f. It is immune to most antibiotics.
g. This bacterium can cause infections in the urinary tract, respiratory system, soft tissue, eyes, bones and joints.
h. It can be harmful for people with suppressed immune systems and cancer or cystic fibrosis patients.
i. If applied near the eyes, it might cause blindness.
j. Consumers have been asked to return the product to retailers immediately.
k. People who have already used the product have been asked to consult their physician immediately.