Consumer Reports (CR) has undertaken a unique study to test the effectiveness of anti-wrinkle creams, available in the market. CR has conducted this test study along with Consumers Union's French counterpart, I'Union Federale des Consommateurs-Que Choisir, has revealed many interesting facts regarding cosmetic skin care line.

Study Findings
a. The study found that high priced wrinkle creams are not the best performing. The premium price paid for anti-wrinkle creams does not ensure better quality or results.
b. The tests results revealed that luxury priced skin care line did not work better than local drug store brands.
c. Anti-wrinkle cream La Prairie Cellular ($335 for an ounce of day cream and 1.7 ounces of night cream) is found to be least effective.
d. The low cost Olay Regenerist, (anti-wrinkle cream) is found to be the top performer among the anti-wrinkle creams tested.
e. Even the best performing anti-wrinkle creams (as per tests) lowered wrinkles by less than 10%, which is insignificant.
f. Test results revealed that there is a wide gap between company's claims and actual results. Moreover, none of the anti-wrinkle cream could totally, eliminate wrinkles.
g. The effects of products varied significantly from person to person.