dermalastyl-wrinkle-anti-aging.jpgBurt Ensley, Chairman and CEO of Dermaplus Products, Inc., and a scientist has developed a cream which has remarkable properties of re-growing the skin and healing war wounds. Dr Ensley was working on a product that could restore the damaged skin, for more than a decade and identified genes that make Elastin. He could trace the genes involved of those who heal quickly with fewer scars. The human body makes most of its elastin by the time one reaches adolescence years and elastin holds everything in the skin together; he found that it could be used for biologically sewing up wounds and reduce wrinkles. The idea was to put it into a wound and allow it to work like a patch of fabric to close and seal it. His findings have led to an elastin-based skin cream. The makers of DermaLastyl say that their study shows that the cream reduces wrinkles by 45% in 2 months. The cost for 2 months supply is $89.00