Dermagenetics-DNA-customized-skincare.jpgTo get rid of wrinkles treatments such as lasers, Botox injections or anti-wrinkle creams are used so far, where the results lasts for a specified period of time. But all this might change in coming days with the introduction of a new anti-aging solution based on DNA customized skin care. According to the new findings, if the creams we are using on our face are not suited to our genetic requirements, we are unable to metabolize the ingredients and they are left to build up as unwanted toxins in our skin. In Dermagenetics DNA customized skin care the client’s genetic propensity for collagen breakdown; photo aging; wrinkling skin aging and skins ability to tolerate environmental pollutants along with their overall skin condition is tested. And a tailor made cream to suit the requirements of the patient is given.

The company Dermagenetics is conducting initial DNA test for £135 and the cream costs £125 for a bottle that lasts six to eight weeks. The results are said to last forever. Although, there are skeptics who doubt the efficacy of the procedure, only time can tell how effective it is. Hollywood celebrities Goldie Hawn, Meg Ryan and Teri Hatcher are all said to have tried the DNA wrinkle treatment in a bid to turn back the years. Check your Dermagenetics retailer in the US here