the-yoga-face.jpg This is a wonderful technique to get a facelift the natural way. Facial yoga is the latest fad in fighting wrinkles. The fact that it is 100 per cent natural and a cheaper alternative to plastic surgery and Botox adds to its popularity. New York based yoga instructor Annelise Hagen has come out with a book, The Yoga Face: Eliminate Wrinkles with the Ultimate Natural Face lift, to help people adopt this new and natural anti-aging regimen to acquire a youthful face.

Book Highlights

a. This book highlights the effectiveness of facial yoga in combating the signs of aging.
b. The exercises listed here can be done anytime and anywhere.
c. All the exercises are based on the principle that the muscles of the face are the same as the muscles in the rest of the body.
d. The exercises listed here tighten and tone facial muscles.
e. It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
f. The exercises are highly effective to get rid of wrinkles. Some of the techniques mentioned in the book are The Lion, Kiss the Ceiling, The Brow Lift, The Satchmo, The Marilyn.
g. It gives the face a youthful radiance.
h. The book can be bought online from

The book costs $14.95. Amazon, to buy the book click here