Very soon, a non-invasive and cheaper alternative to botox might be available in the market. A new experimental treatment called GFX radio frequency has been developed that targets facial nerves instead of muscle. Apparently, this results in a more natural look. Though this news has been greeted with enthusiasm, some dermatologists are of the opinion that further research is needed to prove the efficacy of this procedure.

Procedure Highlights
a. The GFX anti aging procedure uses radio frequency energy to knock out the offending nerve that causes wrinkles & frown lines.
b. It makes the skin soft and supple.
c. It reduces lines and wrinkles.
d. It also gives the eyebrows a lift.
e. The nerves are left untouched so that the forehead retains its natural look.
f. The results last for about 8 to 18 months.
g. This procedure is not yet available in the market.
h. Local Anesthesia is used for the procedure.
i. The procedure is currently under FDA trials
k. Dr. James Newman is one of the very few plastic surgeons conducting clinical trials for this procedure.

The procedure
a. The skin of the patient is first numbed.
b. After this, a thin probe is inserted under the skin.
c. The nerve responsible for the wrinkling of the brow is then identified.
d. The nerve is then zapped with radio frequency energy.

Around $2000 to $3000 per treatment.