nano-technology-to-fight-wrinkles.jpg The cosmetics industry is forever looking for new anti-aging techniques and procedures. There are many products available in the market to facilitate this. Now, Ilsoon Lee, assistant professor of chemical engineering, and Ph.D. student Troy Hendricks have pointed out the benefits of using nanoparticles to smooth out wrinkles after thorough research on the subject. The National Science Foundation and the Michigan Economic Development Corp have supported this research. The basic idea is to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles itself.

Study Findings
a. Nanoparticles are already used in the cosmetics industry.
b. Wrinkle free thin films containing nanoparticles can be injected beneath the epidermis and the thick dermis below it.
c. This can break the compression on the skin and redirect them so that the skin remains smooth.
d. It is effective only on the particular part where it is applied.
e. It can be safely used in eye lifting procedures.
f. It is expected to make an entry in artificial skin surgical procedures.
g. However, skin care products using Nanotechnology is still being tested clinically.