skin-fillers-0106.jpgTo treat stubborn wrinkles, Dermatologists are now using skin fillers. Skin fillers fill an area to remove wrinkles as opposed to Botox, which relaxes muscles. The benefit of using skin fillers is that there is no recovery time. There are 3 new skin fillers which are popular in the market today,

Radiesse, costs between($800-$12,00), Restylane ($500-$600) and Sculptra ($850-2,000). The effects of Radiesse lasts for about a year, Restylane lasts 4-6 months and Sculptra is the longest lasting skin fillers as its effects are seen for 1-2 years.

WHAT SHOULD YOU ASK? Before considering any skin filler treatment, the American Academy of Dermatology
recommends patients ask the following questions: Are the results permanent or temporary? What are the side effects? Is the filler approved by the FDA for this use? How long has the physician used the filler?