The anti-aging market is forever innovating and researching to bring out better products to enhance customer satisfaction. Recent trends have also contributed to the use of more and more natural ingredients in cosmetic products. Seeking to exploit this, France based ingredients provider Silab has introduced their new ingredient Osilift in the market. It is a derivative of the main sugar ingredient of oats and is said to have amazing anti-aging peroperties. This product was launched at the In-Cosmetics 2007 help in Paris recently.

Highlights of Osilift
a. This is a 100 per cent natural ingredient.
b. It contains the main sugar ingredient of oats.
c. It is effective and long lasting.
d. It provides protection from new wrinkles.
e. It has an immediate lifting effect on skin.
f. It makes the skin firm and reduces existing wrinkles and lines.
g. It has the ability to hold on make up for up to 6 hours.
h. It is ideal as an ingredient for make up foundations.