oral-cosmetics-inneov.jpg Creams, lotions, and many more topical applications have flooded the market to reduce wrinkles and treat ageing skin. But now oral medications are focusing on, to treat ageing skin from beneath. The two oral medications to treat wrinkles are,

a. Based on research findings that vegetables and fruits can delay skin ageing the Nestle and cosmetics giant L' Oreal have teamed up to produce a range of nutritional cosmetics called "Inneov."

b. German company Christine Schrammek based in Essen, has come out with product with beta-carotene as main ingredient, which is believed to smoothen skin texture.. The firm offers three different preparations graded for greasy, dry and prematurely aged skin.

But experts feel that 90%-95% of ageing owes to genetic factors. So there is not much one can do regarding it. At the most you can slow down the ageing process.