The market is full of options for the treatment of wrinkles. Besides, lotions and creams, one also hears of surgery and other invasive procedures. Now a new and revolutionary technique has made its appearance. This is a non-invasive procedure, takes less time and is more effective. Plasma Facial has been hailed as the new way of treating wrinkles.

Product Review
a. The plasma facial is a non-invasive procedure and involves the use of ionized nitrogen plasma gas that is blasted onto the skin.
b. The plasma gas reaches the inner layers of the skin and this causes rejuvenation of collagen and elastin to make the skin tight.
c. It reduces discoloration, red blotches and brown spots on the skin.
d. This procedure preserves the outer layer of skin.
e. This procedure is comparatively less painful.
f. It is more effective on people with lighter skin.
g. Side effects are swelling and itching for a few days.
h. The price of plasma facial ranges from $900 to $6000 depending on the area treated and the amount of sessions required.
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