Rumors are galloping around the miracle anti-wrinkle cream "Amatokin", believed to be developed by a high-security lab in Russia. The product was developed to heal burn victims fast, has also been found to eliminate deeper wrinkles making the skin flawless, with long lasting results. The cream is developed using stem cell technology. There are no authentic reports on the product, to establish its authenticity. But if it is released into market—it would be
non-invasive breakthrough in skin care, which doesn't involve use of injections, peels etc. If Amatokin works as advertised it will be the first product to harness the potential of one's own stem cells to reduce deep wrinkles. The product is not available in US. But there are rumors that a leading French cosmetic retailer has some stock of Amatokin. With the results so great , consumers are ready to pay $200 or above for the bottle.