According to a recent study conducted by researchers at the UT Southwestern Medical Center it has been proved that the human face is composed of multiple and distinct compartments of fat, which age in different ways at different times. The results of this study has been published in a recent issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Study Findings
a. Researchers injected different types of dye into the facial cavities of 30 cadavers.
b. There was a 24 hours settling time.
c. It was seen that the dye, instead of permeating the entire face, stayed in separate areas of the face.
d. This showed that the face has boundaries which act like fences between different parts.
e. These fences are composed of fibrous tissue.
f. The fat in the face is also divided into distinct units around the forehead, eyes, cheeks and mouth.
g. Changes in these separate units determine the way a person ages.