dark-circles.gif If the surrounding area of eyes is rejuvenated it adds glow to your whole face, as per Joshua L.Fox, MD, Founder and President of Advanced Dermatology and The Center for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery. He mentions various non-invasive, low cost cosmetic procedures, which requires no down time. There are several treatments which have been FDA approved to reduce eye wrinkles.

Procedures to eliminate crow's feet

Dermal fillers such as Restylane and botox are beneficial and last for 4 - 6 months.
Lasers such as SilkTouch®, Erbium and Fraxel laser ® are used to eliminate wrinkles.
A new treatment called Thermage® also used to tighten the skin under the eyes.
Doctor prescribed creams which contain retinoic acid and tazarotene, adapelene are also helpful.
Products such as PrevageMD®, alphahydroxy acid, copper peptide and vitamin c, which can be brought over the counter are known to lessen eye wrinkles.

Procedures to reduce dark circles under eyes

PhotoGenica® laser technology and Lyra® aid in reducing the removing the enlarged blood vessels.
Ruby laser, Versapluse® or ND Yag can help the irregular brown pigmentation in sun-damaged skin.
Make-up concelers can be used to cover up the blood vessels and dark pigmentation
Chemical peels consisting of low strength formulations of betahydroxy acid / salicylic acid, alphahydroxy acid, can reduce the dark circles safely.

Procedures to fix drooping eyes

Fat transfer procedures are used to firm up the hollow area under the eyes. Most commonly the patient’s own fat cells are removed from one area, and injected into the under-eye.
Thermage®, is the latest procedure which is used to tighten skin, the procedure stiumlates growth of one's own collagen.
Fraxel® laser helps creating a softer, smoother skin